August TBR

That's right! I'm actually gonna try to stick to a TBR!!! And thought, staying true to form, I'd write a 6 day late blog to announce this! So, I kinda already read the 2 first volumes of Saga! Thanks to Kindle Unlimited! But the rest of my TBR is a little tricky! My book coven… Continue reading August TBR


Mood Reader Vs TBR

Hello bookworms, as a mood reader I struggle to stick to a strict TBR. I get moods for certain genres of books or sometimes it's for certain types of character in books. So, if you are cursed as myself as a mood reader, I have a few recommendations for you! 。o°✥✤✣    ✣✤✥°o。 The below… Continue reading Mood Reader Vs TBR

Book Challenge · TBR

What is a TBR? & Book Challenge of 2018

I’m not the biggest believer in having a set in stone TBR, in fact in the 3 months I have taken to write this up I have changed my TBR multiple times, any number of factors can change your reading preference day to day, month to month. For those bookwormers new to the idea of a TBR (To Be Read list) it is a… Continue reading What is a TBR? & Book Challenge of 2018