Hi, I’m Roo and this is my bookish and book review blog.

I have a thousand and one ideas for books and short stories having a Pinterest page dedicated to writing prompts and grammatical nazism. However I lack in the skills of the writing itself.

This is my blog about awesome and brilliant books I have read. I have an overstocked bookshelf with a bursting TBR.

A little more about me, well I love to read, have done since I could read, I have always preferred books over toys and libraries over the outside world.

My favourite genre has always been fantasy, in every sense of the word. Dragons, vampires, talking dogs, you name it I love it! Hence, the YA book review blog.

Disclaimer!! Please read!

Ok, so my writing style is in no way professional (if you couldn’t already tell) as I am in no way professional (like ever/at all). And I struggle to let go of some things, but bear with me, I’ll find my point in the end, and I may try and be humorous about it too.

Also whether I think I am a grammar nazi or not, English may be my first language but in no way is it something I’m very good at! I love to read and learn new interesting and multi-syllabled words with ridiculously long meanings, but by no means do I have a decent ability at spelling them or being grammatically correct!

I have started this blog to improve my writing capabilities and to gain some confidence in creating a blog about something I love and maybe one day putting pen to paper to create my own book/story.

So any and all criticism is welcome. Please be nice.

Thanks y’all 🤓

Star Rating Guide


5 Stars: Absolute perfection. (I need more)


4 Stars: Really enjoyed, would recommend. Would continue if series.


3 Stars: Enjoyable however not fully invested, will not continue reading series. May revisit author’s other work.


2 Stars: Unenjoyable, would not recommend.


1 Star: A struggle to finish. Will avoid genre/author. Will be unhauling.