Writing Prompts

January Writing Prompts 2020 Week 8th – 14th

Thank you for all the support lovelies! Here’s the second installment.

8. All Gone

“Bast?” I called out into the darkness. No meow or sweet purr greeted me. Where has that cat gone I thought to myself, starting to get worried. I walked into the kitchen and peered at the cat bowl. All gone. Hmmm, I checked the washing machine drum, the wood pile under the arger then lightbulb!
“My catnip!” I shouted to an empty house. Feeling foolish, I crept out to the garden delicately so as not to startle her, and found a very sleepy, slightly stoned kitty wrapped in my scarf she’d dragged out with her.
“I’d be cross little one if you weren’t so cute right now!” As I scooped her up in my arms and walked back to the house.
“You wait till Riva gets home, and finds out about the scare you gave me,” I cooed, “and I’m taking the cat flap out of the door, you little druggy!” A quiet mew answered me sleepily.

9. Goals

A 20 minute, awkward Uber ride later I was at the diner, I stepped in, and strategically held my coat in front of my legs hiding from the fluorescent lights. I spotted the fae over the bar in the back corner, the bulb above the table he held luckily had blown. What a coincidence. I walked slowly over to him, trying to be as quiet as possible in my stilettos. The handful of customers barely noticed my entrance, and the waitress was filing her nails and not paying attention to anyone but her hangnail.

“Well hello yourself, I thought you weren’t going to make it and I’d find your body in the garbage tomorrow morning, however I’m guessing there is a different body waiting for me at work?” he smirked.
“If you have a colleague who needs to learn a lesson, I would suggest sending them to Room 617” I smirked back. “I’m Nancy, a witch from the East Side, where do you reside faeboy?”
“Hi, I’m Dimitri and I live in Brooklyn, I’m a fae of the Kauna and I’m not an alcoholic” I giggled, enjoying the company of a fae was unheard of normally. We talked about our evenings, his shift, my project, his family, my home life. Dimitri was open about the poverty his family were suffering back home,
“So, Nancy, what are your goals in life?” Dimitri was so inquisitive. I started to get suspicious, looking behind me as the sun started to rise above the city, I stretched and smiled sleepily at Dimitri, “I’m afraid that will have to wait for our next meeting I’m afraid. I have breakfast to be making.” He looked sad, hurt almost. My misgivings melted “Unless, you would like to come for breakfast?” I whispered. He looked up at me, his green eyes twinkling, “I would like that very much, m’lady” and he offered me his elbow as we strolled out of the diner.

10. Exercise

“Ok girls, turn to page 15 and start exercise 5 through to 8. No conferring, if you are stuck move on to the next question until you have finished. Anything you don’t undrstand we can discuss as a group. You have 30 minutes.” Madame Connor barked. A stern woman with a pinched face, she couldnt have been older than 40, yet she looked like she’d been wandering the earth for centuries. Eyes filled with sadness and longing for more than teaching a bunch of 14 year olds. I finished my questions mostly guessing and not caring about the outcome. I wasn’t going to be here that long and that was the truth, dad would find another job in another town and we’d be moving again. I hated this life I’d been given, always the new girl, never able to have a best friend, every school I’d been to I’d met one person who would email and text for the first week after I’d gone and then I wouldn’t hear from them again. Not even my parents spoke to me, they were always tired and when they weren’t tired they were arguing.

One night I had my pillow over my heard, shielding my ears from their latest battle, and them from my harrowing sobs and that’s when I heard him, cooing, stroking my back, telling me it was all going to be ok. I jerked up, hair a mess, eyes puffy and saw white iridies staring out of dark sockets from the corner of my room. His voice was smooth like milk and he gave off the feeling of home, something I didn’t realise I could recognise until I did. I wiped my face with my arm and reached for my lamp.
“Please,” he asked, “not yet. It’s late, you are tired and if you see me, I don’t think you will believe my existence. Introductions take longer with humans.” Scared, I flicked the light and there was nothing. Voice croaky I called to the corner in hope he was still there. “Please come back, I’m so alone” I felt a kiss on my forehead and I slept.

11. It Was Different

It was different now I had Adam. I stopped feeling lonely and started feeling confident and strong. I started sleeping through the night heavily and dreamless. Adam rarely showed himself but when he did I wasn’t afraid merely curious. He had wings, they were short and looked burnt at the edges. I never asked but always studied him, how he averted direct light, never showed himself during the day and how his voice was deep but always quiet. I would feel his presence in class when I stopped paying attention, encouraging me to get back into it. My grades started to improve, and I’d had my birthday, with a party, and people and cake but the next move was imminent and the fear was settling in.
“Will I ever see you again?” I asked him, tears in my eyes and my voice catching on the lump in my throat. His deep eyes connected with mine, a smile of pointed teeth spread across his face.
“I’m coming with you,” he whispered in my ear holding a strand of hair up and pulling it playfully, “I want to keep your grades up. I want to be your best friend.” My heart leapt and I rushed him in a hug, but as my hands made contact with his wings I felt a burning sensation, so hot, so raw. I couldn’t pull my hands away, tears poured down my face and I opened my mouth to scream. Then it happened, Adam’s lips on mine, my scream gone, the pain forgotten, my hands on his face deepening the connection. I woke up in a cold sweat, wondering if I’d dreamt the kiss.
“Adam?” I whispered, “ADAM” I hissed. He’s gone. I’m alone. Again.

12. Time Is Running Out

Running to the library, I was late. Again. I feel like I’d spent most of my college life running, as I was late. Luckily, detention was given for bad behavaiour not lateness. My final english essay was due in on Friday and today was Thursday, 10pm on Thursday. Time management was something I needed to take a course in. As I climbed the library steps I realised I’d forgotten my flask of coffee, the one thing that would get me through the night. Rolling my eyes, I pushed through the double doors, and walked to the study area. Halls were too busy this late in the year, with Halloween around the corner, the parties were getting louder and lasting longer. The only safe place for someone who was behind on their work was the library. I dropped my bag and books off on a table in the empty library, looking around for anyone. The place was deserted. Sighing loudly, I grabbed my keys and started for the exit, determined to retrieve my coffee.
“Sophie…” I turned sharply, did I just hear that?
“Hello? Is someone there?” The library had sensor lights, you know, the save the environment ones, but the only ones that were on were the ones I’d affected. I looked around, there was no movement. Convincing myself this was a symptom of caffiene deficency I walked on.
“Ok wiseass, show yourself, right now. I have too much to do, to be messing around with you.”
“Sophie, please, I can’t show myself in the light…”
“Adam?” My heart leapt, no I thought to myself, “Adam, what the hell? Who do you think you are, I don’t hear from you in 4 years and you decide to pick today??!!” My temper flaring. “How dare you…”
“Sophie, please, time is running out! I need your help” Goosebumps rose all over my body, I felt a cold pressed against my back, turning to face him with my angry eyes ready I turned, to face not Adam, but a demon, the same demon I had been drawing over and over again since I was a child.

13. Looks Like A Baby

“Taura! Come look! Come look at my babies.” Confused I turned to the garden door and walked out to Nancy. Flicking sleep out of my eye, squinting against the sunlight I reached Nancy in the flower bed.
“Look” she squeaked “Look at my babies!” I looked at her, not that she was paying any attention to the look on my face.
“Urmm, Nanc, what looks like a baby?” Sighing I whined, “It’s early, my coffee is inside the house and I am outside the house, you see the wrong part of that calculation?” Without blinking my hands whipped in front of me clasping a hot, black coffee.
“Thank you… ok, you have my attention” She reached into the patch of earth and lightly brushed some dirt off the tiniest snowdrop I’d ever seen!
“Nanc! You grew this without magic???” She beamed at me so proud of herself, being the sister with the least amount of earth in her, Nancy had decided that her biggest challenge was gardening and since I’d moved in, the house had gained a plant inside or out at least once a week. It was also the one thing she did that she wouldn’t use magic with.


14. My Diary

“Mum, I’m going to go pack!”
“Ok, make sure you sort through those boxes under your bed! You may find some old textbooks we can donate to the school.”
Mum had found her place, after Adam left we’d moved for the last time, I’d finally settled, made friends and gotten into college in the next town over. I started packing the new stationary and bedding for halls, I’d bought some colour coded post it’s with matching highlighters and a new notebook for my first semester.
“Sophie, I’m going shopping, do you want anything?”
“Noodle pots and coffee filters please Mum”
“Ok sweetie, clean under your bed please!’
“Sure thing, Mum” I looked under the bed and found a box of old textbooks. I started sorting through them and found my diary from the year I’d met Adam… up to the point he left. I threw the diary at the wall angry at it, at myself but mostly at Adam. How could he leave me? With so many questions. Why was I still angry? Why was I still so sad?