Writing Prompts

January Writing Prompts 2020 Week 1st-7th

As explained in my Trying Something New blog, here is the first installment.

1. Unopened

There it stands unopened. She won’t open it again now. She’s afraid of what lies in wait for her if she even stares at it too long. Asking for help is not an option. Only she can see the monster that resides there. That licks its lips at her in the dead of night. Only she can face it and tell it ‘No, you are but a figment of my imagination and you have no power over me.’ The monster that lives in her wardrobe, the wardrobe that will stay unopened until she finds her courage.

2. CD

I couldn’t let them see me like this. A mess, ashamed, broken. Like all the mirrors in the house, smashed and crushed to dust. This hadn’t stopped me from shrouding the empty frames. She’d hated her reflection towards the end. Using the back of an old CD I re-applied my lipstick, wiped away the crusty mascara from under my eyes and stepped out of my room to return to the wake. My grandmother was gone. But the memory of her, it was trapped in this house, this tomb. I felt stifled by it, as if it was trying to choke me, as if one second not thinking about her was sinful and punishment was owed. And yet, I miss her, my rock, my mentor, my High Preistess. Her coven were gathered in the living room mourning silently, the buffet I had laid out untouched. Holding my head up high I entered the room, clearing my throat to address my guests.

3. No More Staples

“Uh, Cap’n” I screamed down my communicator.

“We got no more staples” I paused awaiting the onslaught. An impaitent sigh answers me

“What do you mean ‘we got no more staples’?” Oh no, she gonna be real mad.

“So, you know the one thing you told me to pick up when we were on Sector 12? Well, I kinda forgot…” I froze, holding my body tight knowing how much washroom duty I was gonna suffer, how many times the disappointed look would fly my way from my captain.
“I swear on all the gods, priestesses and fictional entities that we know of in this galaxy, that I will curse the day I ever saved you from that alien kraken, go and lock yourself in the brig this instance and leave your comms behind, Ash, go fix the damn hull in the absence of shitforbrains” I lowered my head in shame, placed my communicator on the floor and went to lock myself away, for the 3rd time in a week.

4. Buy Milk

“I need to buy milk…” my sister mumbled, under her breath, mostly to herself. I gave her a puzzled look, “None of us drink milk though, Nancy only buys it when we are having cheese sauce, or cursing some corporation” Riva snapped out of her trance.
“No silly, not for us for the kitty” My eyebrows disappeared under my messy fringe.
“We are not keeping that cat, for one it’s a stray and two it’s white, Riva you will hate it when it sheds” With a flick of her wrist the cat’s fur was darker than a moonless midnight.
“There, no one can be mad now, Taura” She winked at me and went back to her trance like state. I rolled my eyes and text Nancy.
“So, we have a cat now, any name ideas?”

5. Leftovers

“TAURA” I whined, “Don’t feed Bast your unwanted vegetables, I’m sure Riva wants her to live longer than a week in this house” Taura rolled her eyes at me and stopped flicking peas at the cat. Bast stretched out under the kitchen table and started to snooze. She was in a much better place now, that was for sure, even if Taura made it her witchy duty to fatten her up on all the vegetables she didnt want. I loved to cook, especially for my sisters, it was one of the most human things I enjoyed, although I will always find a way to let a little magic in! I put Rivas plate in the microwave ready for when she got home and packed a Tupperware box with the remainder. I would take the leftovers to work tomorrow and maybe I could share them with Eric, again.

6. My charger

“Riva, do you have my charger?” Taura roared up the stairs at me.
“Noooo” I replied with a mischeivous tone. I could feel Taura’s temper fraying as she answered;
“You lying son of a…” She was storming up the stairs at me, as I giggled maniacly running back to my room.
“Behave you two, it’s all fun and games until someone breaks a mirror and releases grandad” Nancy called up the stairs, as I scream laughed in my room, holding the door shut against Taura’s attempts to get in. I felt a force grab my waist and throw me on the bed as Taura burst in.
“Hey, no fair, I didn’t use magic…” I whined. Taura looked triumphant, charger in hand.
“I know, but I gotta go work and had to charge my phone” She smiled at me, offering a hand to help me up. I giggled at her, touched her elbow and ran for it. Taura really hated her elbows being touched. Giggling uncontrollably I ran to the kitchen and sat at the breakfast bar, a face of innocence. We had few rules being a, mostly, adult household, but one was no messing around in the kitchen when Nancy was cooking. Taura ran in after eyes piercing and lips pursed, she sat next to me, plugging her charger into the wall aside the bar I whispered,
“Still love me?” Elbowing me in the ribs she nodded and grinned.

7. Cable

I could see the cable pulling taught, my car didn’t move. Tyler whined, I stroked him between the ears and sighed. He snuggled up under the crook of my arm and I felt his tummy rumbling. I flashed my lights at the gentlemen who had so kindly stopped to help me. I got out my car with Tyler, locked it and walked over to my rescuer.
“I think I’m gonna need a tow” I called out whilst averting my eyes from my hero’s floodlights. The engine quieted down and he exited his car.
“Thank you for trying, but I think I ‘m just gonna call a tow. Please, go home, can I buy you lunch sometime to say thank you?”
“There’s no need, Amy, I was happy to help a lady, how about I take you and Tyler for dinner tonight, I drop you off home and we exchange numbers and you can tell me how bad I am at saving a damsel in distress over coffee one day in the not too distance future?” He grinned at me, he wasn’t unattractive, but had a very simple look to him. Gleaming dark eyes, perfect teeth and faint freckles that framed his slightly crooked nose. Potentially an old sports injury I wondered.
I smiled and tossed my hair, oh my god am I flirting? I looked down at Tyler, his beautiful beagle eyes desperate for dinner and bed.
“Tyler and I would really like that, thank you again. But I’m so sorry, I forgot your name,”
Raking his fingers through his hair, he smiled at me and answered coyly.
“Joe, I’m Joe.”


Tune in for next weeks installments lovelies. 🙂

Love and light,