Writing Prompts

Trying Something New…

I’ve been gone a while and I am sorry for my absence. I lost confidence in my writing. I lost the motivation to write and then I had a very long stint with the black cloud not leaving me alone. Depression sucks ass. The one thing that used to help me was reading but not even that was keeping my attention. So, with that came some sub par reviews, a lack of instagram posts and a lot of correspondance that was just gifs and emojis. I’ve had enough. I am looking to do book reviews on instagram posts this year, for the most part, (unless they are with TheWriteReads or just too amazing to not talk about). In the meantime, I was considering changing things up a little bit. I am looking to improve my creative writing and have started writing everyday using the below prompts I found on Pinterest by the wonderful Writer’s Write.

I’m participating with my book besties, @mylifejeff and @narahquinn of Will & Work. I am going to post weekly, 7 (hopefully) paragraphs or whatever. First installment is on the 7th. Please let me know if you like them, want more or just tell me to stop and go back to my day job! And obviously, you are all welome to join.

Thank you in advance for all and any support, criticism or likes.

With love and light always

Roo x