Ultimate Blog Tour The Devils Apprentice by Kenneth B. Andersen #TheWriteReads

Hello, I’ve been gone a while, but we’re not here to talk about that.

We are here to talk about The Devil’s Apprentice by Kenneth B. Andersen thanks to The Ultimate Blog Tour with The Write Reads gang. So, before we begin a big thanks to Dave and the gang and Kenneth for bringing the world of demons, the devil and flayed cats to us.

I am going to be completely honest, I struggled to read the first 10 chapters of this however this was because of my current headspace and nothing to do with the book or the writing. The subject matter is what I struggled with due to my own personal headspace at this time.

Before I start on why I couldn’t finish this book, let’s start with what I loved.


Within 10 chapters I met, a young boy named Philip, a tallking cat, a bored demon, a dying devil and a sassy door knocker. The quippy dialect between these characters was what made this book so much fun for me and is the biggest reason as to why I will revisit one day.


Already, within 10 chapters the world was there, in front of me. Having only visited two places in 10 chapters, Hell and Philip’s school. The little snippets of description ‘Rotted wooden arrows pointed the way to Whipping Hill, the Swamp of Vanity, the Screaming Mountains, the Bog of Nightmares, and the Valley of Gallows.’ Were enough for me to drag morsels of memories from Goosebumps episodes (Welcome To Horrorland mostly!) and Old Testament and build a truly terrifying Hell.


I don’t know about you, but being an introverted, glasses wearing, book reading geek in school was not easy and our MC Philip is exactly that! And as much as a lot of YA/Middle Grade books start with a hero/ine very much the same, a lot of the books I read today are what I want to read right now, and I know I would not have enjoyed as much back then. The Devils Apprentice is one of those books that would have looked after me as an introverted, morbid, goth school girl. It’s funny and quirky, dark and delightful. Giving me the same vibes as A Series Of Unfortunate Events, Mortal Engines and Holes.

So, I wasn’t able to finish this book as I have been struggling for the past 6-8 weeks with severe anxiety and depression and books like this, even though sassy and obviously fictional can break through the very thin wall I have built round my fragile tearful mind. The empathy I felt for Philip was too strong to continue and I am currently re-reading books I know I can handle to keep me reading for now.

Kenneth B. Andersen your book is awesome, I adore your writing style and would give every sunday roast until the end of days for my very own Lucifax but I’m afraid I opened up The Devils Apprentice at the wrong time and once I revisit it, I will come back and write a full review. Pinky swears!

For now my lovelies, I would suggest you read this if you like sassy cats, dark humour, and hilarious dialogue.

Till next time.


Me until new year.