Character Jar Games

Literary/Comic Book Characters Vs The Hunger Games

A few months ago, I got my 2 bookish besties over for drinks, food, and book themed games. One of those games was, the adults version of, Kiss, Marry, Kill. I made a character jar, of characters from books, at least 2 of us had read and threw in some characters, actors, and the odd wild card to spice it up. Whilst creating the character jar I thought of other games we could play. Plus got some inspiration for a blog!

The three of us picked 4 out of the jar and from 12 picked we choose a winner! We also decided how the others would die… sorry.

We decided that magical powers would be muted for the games to level the playing field a little, however if you need those powers to live then they were kept.

Location: The 74th Hunger Games battleground created by Seneca Crane. (1st book games)


The Bear of The Bear And the Nightingale


Status: Deceased

COD (Cause Of Death): over confidence led to death by starvation (deserved!)


Ember ** of Fallons Hope

Status: Deceased

COD: Drowning, caught in rapids.


Constantine of DC Comics Constantine
Status: Deceased

COD: Burns, smoke inhalation, caught in forest fire


Daenerys Targaryen of Game Of Thrones

Status: Deceased

COD: In combat, stomach wounds, bled out

Rhysand of A Court Of Series


Status: Deceased

COD: Betrayed by companion, stabbed in back


Dracula of Dracula

Status: Dust

COD: drank from dead

Alec Lightwood of The Mortal Instruments


Status: Deceased

COD: Spear to the gut, saving another tribute, bled out


Genya of The Grishaverse

Status: Deceased

COD: caught in chemical gas attack

Lazlo Strange of Strange The Dreamer


Status: Dead

COD: Crushed by falling boulders


Ron Weasley of Harry Potter

Status: Dead

COD: Fell out of tree, neck broken, death instant

John Wick Of John Wick

Status: Our Winner


I’m sorry if we killed your favourites, but Keanu Reeves is basically the new Chuck Norris.

Happy reading 8)

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