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Top 5: Spring Releases

Happy Spring, Bookfans. The Winter in the UK was pretty relaxed, only a few days of light snow in my area and very little extra cold weather. Spring was here earlier than expected, the daffodils were out at the end of January and I saw my first bumblebee at the end of February!

Anyway, enough about Spring and more about all the books I’m super excited about releasing in Spring! I have only preordered the top 3 of this list, with me being on a book ban this year, the remaining 2 are pre-ordered by Narah Quinn! Thank you for your contribution Quinny!

All release dates were accurate at the point of this blog being published. Release dates are subject to change.

1. Kingsbane by Claire Legrand (Release Date: May 7th)

If you follow me on Twitter, or have read any of my previous posts, you’ll know how big a fan I am of Claire Legrand. I read Furyborn last year and fell head over heels in love, then read Sawkill Girls and her entire backlog is now on my TBB. I love her writing, her character growth, and oh my, her villains, from ones that make your skin crawl, to those you kinda get a mad crush on… 😉

2. Queen Of Ruin by Tracey Banghart (Release Date: July 2nd)

I received Grace & Fury in my Fairyloot last year, during an anxious reading slump and it helped I kick my reading slump, as it wasn’t just a quick read it was a really fun book and concept. Characters were not overly complicated and the romance was sweetly suspenseful without the drag. My only issue was THAT DAMN ENDING! Dude! Not cool!

3. Soul Of The Sword by Julie Kagawa (Release Date: June 17th)

OMy! Shadow Of The Fox is one of the best books I finished this year, I was so freaking happy whilst reading this book, however I took a break to read ACSDAL as as I wanted to read ACSDAL and I wanted Shadow Of The Fox to last longer! I am a massive fan of Japanese culture, food, the country even! (Having had my honeymoon there) and Shadow Of The Fox was an absolute dream. Julie Kagawa is just awesome and I am so excited for Soul Of The Sword!

4. We Hunt The Flame by Hafsah Faizal (Release Date: May 14th)

Quinn suggestion: This book sounds incredible, different to the above as this is Hafsah’a debut novel, and I doubt the last! With a beautiful cover and an enticing story following a hunter and an assassin prince, both legends, but neither want to be, they are both sent separately to find an artifact to restore magic to the kingdom. I can’t wait to borrow this from you Quinny!

5. Descendant Of The Crane by Joan He (Release Date: April 9th)

Quinn suggestion: A murdered king, illegal magic and a princess desperate to find her father’s murderer., this book sounds awesome. Quinn admitted this was a bit of a cover buy at first, but is now getting more and more excited for its release!

Special Number 6. Aurora Rising by Amie Kauffman& Jay Kristoff (Release Date: May 7th)

Being the sci-fi nerd that I am, of course I want this but I will not pe-order as I still need to read the Illuminae series! Don’t @ me, I haven’t got the whole trilogy and being on a book ban is super hard!!!! I promise… soon . Then this!

Thank you so much for coming and reading another Top 5. Until next time, keep reading! 8)

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