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Top 5: Bad Boys We Hate To Love


Hello and welcome to another Top 5, this week we are delving into the bad boys of YA lit and why I, personally, love them so. If you read my A-Z Of Books & I Part 2 (N-Z) you may find the below familiar.

In more than one buddy read I have participated in with Narah Quinn, I will 1. fall head over heels with a character and 2. That character will 9 times out of 10 be a villain.

So, I am the girl who loves bad men, the ones who sneer, wear leather and smell like trouble.

1. Corien Of Furyborn

Ok, so this series is no where near over, and my desperation for Kingsbane is unmanageable but I still need to talk about Corien. I fell in love with Corien from the first sadistic chapter of Furyborn. I knew he was the voice in her head, throughout the rest of the chapters and as terrifyingly twisted as he is. He also brought Rielle confidence, understanding and in his own way love. (Now, I am not saying Rielles self worth came from Corien, but damn it he helped when she was in a bad way)



Artist: Kate Trish


2. Locke Of The Cruel Prince & The Wicked King

I know I am the literal worst for this, but when I read The Cruel Prince the first time, I really did think that Locke was not only a good guy but also my kind of guy, flirtatious and daring, obnoxious and yet strong willed. At the time, Cardan was just the asshole of the group but Locke was the rebellious one, the one who was tempted by Jude because of her tenacity. Oh well, I was so wrong. And in The Wicked King, my lust for him had severely dissipated. Am I forgiven?

3. Prince Rennar Of Grim Lovelies

Not the worst guy, but still not a good one. Prince Renner is so suave and cocky and yet, his interest in Anouk, was seductive to me. He was intrigued by her power and had other feelings toward her. Also he totally reminded me of A Court Of Thorns And Roses Rhysand (personal favourite).

4. Tamlin Of A Court Of Thorns & Roses,etc


So, in A Court Of Thorns & Roses, I felt like I was reading a Beauty And The Beast retelling and I was all for it, but once Rhysand came on the scene and I didn’t like him, I knew I’d fallen for the wrong guy. Tamlin is a possessive, chauvinistic, angry asshole. But I honestly fell for him as ‘A Beast’ character, in the following books I hold a lot of hatred for him, hoping he may redeem himself, but I don’t think he will. (I am yet to finish this series,) Don’t @ me.

5. Darkling Of Shadow & Bone Trilogy

There couldn’t be a list of bad boys we hate to love without the Darkling. This super asshole, who faked his own death and made out that his Dad made the Unsea, this douchebag who has been living for hundreds of years with enough secrets to tear him apart, this lost soul who found in Alina enough power to match his own and maybe make him a decent person again. Yeah, asshole guy who is desperate for retribution yet hates the word at the same time, that’s my type. *Le sigh*

Special Number 6. Morozko of The Bear & The Nightingale Trilogy.

I am yet to finish this trilogy, in fact, I’ve only read the 1st one. And I could not tell you if Morozko is good or bad, but from what I have heard and read, he is a good guy with a bad attitude, so I’m sold.


3 thoughts on “Top 5: Bad Boys We Hate To Love

  1. I was indifferent to Tamlin at first but I think she went so far with making him an ass and Rhys this fluffy bunny who could do no wrong that it annoyed me and I have this knee jerk defend Tamlin reaction! Agreed about the Darkling )

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