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The A – Z Of Books & I: Part 2 (N-Z)



As promised, here’s part 2!

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 – Narah Quinn

If you didn’t know, one of my best friends is an author, blogger and a wonderful cook, who feeds me once a week. Narah is the big sister I always wanted, the faithful voice that always steers me the right way and she always lends me the best books! I was so lucky I got to read and live in her book, Fallon’s Hope, for the entire process from mind to page. I read almost every draft and even helped with the transcribing of the final draft. My forever inspiration to be the “best, boookish me”. She has also been my partner in crime on plenty of bookish adventures, including York, London, and Oxford. Hopefully, Bath and Edinburgh are next on the list!


O – Oxford

Not only is Oxford a stunning, history filled, literature loving city, its also the city two of my favourite series of books are based, His Dark Materials & The All Souls Trilogy. Both describe the city beautifully but actually being there, where Tolkien stood, where Oscar Wilde stood, where millions of other gutter star dreamers stared and dreamed. Oxford is like a dream, a very touristy dream, but I love it. Go, in all seasons and all weathers, just go.

– Pirates

So, confession time, I read a series of books, back in my school days, called ‘Vampirates’ by Justin Somper and I was blown away, and I fell in love with pirates. In all mediums, in TV (Black Sails), in movies (POTC, Treasure Planet, I am a big Disney fan), in books (To Kill A Kingdom, Treasure Island) and even in video games (Assassins Creed Black Flag). Now, if I could just find a space pirate…


Q – Quiet

Yes I am one of those who loves the quiet life. I can read if it’s loud or busy around me but I prefer as close to quiet as possible. I do love natural noise, bird song, rain or whistling wind, but car horns or shouting or dogs barking are not nice noises and set my anxiety on edge.


R – Ravenclaw

Yes, that’s me the overly high standards Ravenclaw! The one who gives a million excuses for the 5 different answers she gave for one question they asked. The one who could answer any question given enough time to study but social situations terrify her. Living in the clouds yet so observant I can pick up peoples habits and anxieties within an hour of meeting them. I also have a little Slytherin in me, you know for emergencies.

S – Sci-Fi & Steampunk

So, I haven’t read much sci-fi or steampunk, but I know they are both some of my favourite genres. I love sci-fi tv, growing up with OG Star Trek, Lost In Space and Dr. Who. That my love of sci-fi has followed me through the years. The sci-fi I have read is The Lunar Chronicles and the Empress Of A Thousand Skies duology(currently reading the second one). I read a steampunk novel this year, Wolves & Daggers by Melanie Karsak and I really liked the mix of supernatural and steampunk. I also think that sci-fi is such a broad genre, within sci-fi you find dystopian, horror, supernatural and I’ve always found some slight undertones of romance. 😉

T – Tattoos

At last count I think I was on 30 individual tattoos, but now, with a full sleeve on my left arm and a half sleeve on my right arm, plus a few scattered across my legs and back I lose count. I have several book themed tattoos, two from All Souls Trilogy, one from ACOTAR, a moth from the title page of Strange The Dreamer, half of my left sleeve is Alice In Wonderland, the other half is batman, a parabatai rune, pictured below with one of my favourites, Bernard The Book Raven!!


– Unicorn

I am a unicorn, my friends and family think I am a unicorn. Where as I think I am more of a narwhal, but I’ll take unicorn too.

V – Villain

I have a problem you guys. Narah Quinn and I have completed a couple of buddy reads in the past and at least 2 things always happen; 1. I will fall head over heels in love with a character and 2. That character will be the villain or a bad person or just your worst nightmare. Casing point; Tamsin from ACOTAR or Corien from Furyborn and the worst of them all, Locke from The Cruel Prince. I know, I am ashamed. Please, don’t @ me.


W – Winter

I love cold, blue sky mornings and deep blue indigo nights where the moon can light up the whole world. Winter is my favourite season and weather. I love long dark nights, I love snowy midwinter days, but most of all I love that cold that steals your breath and brightens your eyes and makes your teeth chatter, I feel my most alive in the cold. I am one of those people who likes to swim in the sea, off-season. I told ya, I am a narwhal.

X – Xbox

When I am not reading or knitting, you can find me running around Paris, London or Egypt in Assassins Creed games or replaying Halo for the millionth time. I love my Xbox and love gaming. I love it even more as me and husband play together most nights.



Young Adults Literature Convention held within London Comic Con. I went in 2018 with Narah Quinn herself, where I was almost knocked over by Jason Mamoa, I bought over 25+ books and Quinn and I partially wrote a mystery novel drunk on cocktails at TGIS after the con. Now, London Comic Con is terrifyingly busy and jampacked with awesomeness. However, I didn’t do a lot of the actual comic con because anxiety, But YALC was incredible, relaxed and filled with awesome people. Aspiring authors, YA fans or book bloggers look no further for a convention for you.

Z – Zombies

You’ve probably seen this answer for this letter a lot and I am sorry for not being original, but I wanted to use it to bring a series to light that I hear very little about. The Blood Of Eden trilogy by Julie Kagawa, within the book is a virus (called Red Lung) that causes death or you will turn into a Rabid and they are genuinely the most terrifying thing I had ever read at the time and still to this day kinda scare the hell out of me. This virus doesn’t just affect humans though, but animals too and that scares me a hell of a lot more than your average Walking Dead or 28 Days Later zombies. Trust me.



**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚  ˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚*


Thank you so much for reading this second part of my A-Z Of Books & I, please if this is something that you would like to do, go right ahead, I would love to see what you choose. (Please note I am not the original creator of this)

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