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The A – Z Of Books & I: Part 1 (A-M)


Hey lovelies, apologies for my recent disappearance, I had fallen into a depressive slump, which affected my reading, blogging but worse my immune system and have spent the last few weeks fighting something that just wouldn’t settle. It’s been a month since I blogged, but after calling on Twitter for blog inspiration, the lovelies at Bookishly Brittknee, Narratess, Will & Work, Tale At A Time, The smell of pages, and The Caffeinated Reader were awesome and gave me some incredible ideas, however this post (and part 2) is dedicated to Bookishly Brittknee, check out her A-Z on her blog here.

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Without further ado.

A – Anime & Manga

Attack On Titan, probably the first anime I watched in my 20’s since Dragonball and Pokemon. And I love anything dark and thought provoking, however Black Mirror doesn’t quite hit the spot anymore and I’m not into modern horror, but I love how all and any dark anime/manga can bring such horrors and fear into such a beautiful medium it softens the blow a bit. The best anime/manga that I have found perfectly portrays my feelings is Tokyo Ghoul! I won’t spoil it for you but, be warned, it’s dark and heavy and so very, very sad.


B Bardugo

My queen, Leigh Bardugo, author of the Six Of Crows duology, the Shadow & Bone trilogy, King Of Scars duology, all set in Ravka, my holiday destination of choice if only it were a real place! Leigh’s world building, character depth and one line quips are only some of the reasons I love her! She is very open and honest on her social media and I love her as a human and an author.

C – Chocolate, Cocktails, Coffee

Ok, I have a reason for 3 answers for this one. One of my favourite rainy day activities, is snuggling down with a bag of minstrels, a coffee and a book. Now, if you are going to partake in eating chocolate whilst reading, I would suggest hard shelled, sugar coated chocolate, less chance of melting chocolate and coincidentally sticky fingers. I also may have started a mystery thriller novel with Narah Quinn whilst drinking giant cocktails at TGIs in London. I may elaborate on that one day, but for now…


D – Dragons

I have read very few books on dragons, however the ones I have I am obsessed. Being a massive fan of Toothless and all the dragons in the How To Train Your Dragon series (movies not books) it makes sense I love dragons in books too. The Last Namsara by Kristen Ciccarelli is just perfection, in fact it was so perfect I wrote a review. I can’t wait to get my hands on The Caged Queen, Kristen’s writing is just beautiful too. I do have The Priory Of The Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon, which I am holding off from reading till my holiday in September, sea, sand and DRAGONS!


E – Edinburgh

My first trip to Edinburgh (2017) was so magical, my best friend lives there and she took me to all the fun, untouristy parts (at my request, I now know it was my anxiety that had made that decision for me) and my second trip, I went with my husband and we did all the tourist stuff, if you would like to know more about that trip, I wrote a blog!

F – Fantasy

I have 2 favourite genres, Fantasy and Sci-Fi. I can read either of these genres and I will probably love the book. Some of my favourite fantasy reads include, Six Of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo, Strange The Dreamer duology by Laini Taylor, Furyborn by Claire Legrand (Empirium Trilogy #1) Shadow Of The Fox by Julie Kagawa and there are a million others I am sure, but I love anything that is not of our world, pure, oblivious, escapism (or as my mother likes to say, circumvention)


G – Gaiman, Good Omens, Graphic Novels

I know I am cheating a little with this one, but again I have good reason, (classic Ravenclaw excuses) Neil Gaiman is one of the only authors who can un-slump me, when I was in the midst of a nervous breakdown, one sentence of Good Omens is all I could manage sometime, but it got me reading and eventually I wasn’t just reading Good Omens. Earlier this year, I was slumping with everything and my best friend had lent me his Sandman graphic novels and they are not only beautiful but dark and eerie and all the things I love about Neil and his writing. Plus the Sandman looks awfully familiar…


H – Health (Mental)

If you have been to my blog before, you know I am not afraid to talk about my mental health. I had a nervous breakdown just over 3 years ago. I have lived with the residual side effects and day by day I get better. I know I’ll never be the same person I was, but the part I lost, was the shield I had formed from anger, grief and revenge. I now know that was no shield, but the bottled up emotions of a broken girl disguised as armour. The first year to 6 months after my NB I begged for my shield back, wanted to coat myself back in that armour but eventually it dawned on me that losing that draining, depressive bubble had freed me. Opened me up to honesty, empathy and understanding I am also now open to pain, heartbreak and grief but feeling those things is not weakness but strength, you cannot feel joy, without knowing pain too.

I – Itchy Feet

I know a weird way of putting it, but it’s my saying for ‘I need to get out of this place and explore somewhere new and beautiful’ as control freak as I have gotten since the NB I am one for a spontaneous trip here and there. For years I carried my passport wishing I had the money to jump on a plane and spend a year somewhere warm and exotic, or cold and dreamy. Then again, itchy feet or not I love a planned trip too.

J – Japan

I went to Japan in 2017 (honeymoon) and plan to return in 2020, it is the most beautiful country I have ever visited. Whilst we were there it snowed for 3 days and I saw the Golden Palace and the Bamboo Forest covered in snow, my favourite weather. I love Japanese food too, Onigiri is my favourite but any and all I will eat. My husband loved Kyoto, but my favourite is Tokyo. Even with social anxiety and in the most crowded city in the world I felt safe, alone and at peace. That may have just been the honeymoon feeling but it was just the best trip of my life and I cannot wait to go back. Side note: Tokyo Disneyland rocked my world!

K – Knitting and Cross Stitch

Yes! I love to knit and cross stitch, I have made a couple of bookish designs with cross stitch and I am currently 3.5 foot into a scarf with my knitting. I’m much better at cross stitch than I am at knitting but with practice, I hope!


L – Laini Taylor

This is an A-Z of books and I, so I have to include Laini Taylor. I received Strange The Dreamer in a Fairyloot and that was my first dip into Laini’s writing and I loved how her worlds would swallow me whole and her characters created an empathetic link with my heart. That same year, I bought all three of the Daughter Of Smoke & Bone books and demolished them, I needed more. I am so sad (and happy) that the Strange The Dreamer duology is over it was one hell of a rollacoaster. But, I need more from her, like now.

M – Maps

Ok, so I have a Top 5 I would like to write at some point for maps in books, because if I have ever been on the fence about buying a book, if there’s a map and its been drawn well, legible and peaks my interest further into a book, that book is bought. No questions, usually no regrets. Maps in books are always appreciated, sometimes frustrating but always loved.

**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚  ˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚*

I will see you lovelies, next Friday for part 2 (N-Z), thank you very much for sticking with me and this blog! You guys are awesome! Till next time, happy reading B)




5 thoughts on “The A – Z Of Books & I: Part 1 (A-M)

  1. Hi there! I’m a new follower – I’m so glad I found your blog! I’m glad to hear that you’re doing better and back to blogging – I admire your courage to be open about your mental health. It’s such an important matter and needs more people to talk openly about it. I love this A-Z idea that I’ve seen a few bloggers do and I’m excited to do one myself.

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