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Top 5: Favourite Literary Couples

As it is the month of love, I thought I would centralise my Top 5s, around awesome couples from books. This is a list of couples that are not only perfect together, but have the kind of relationship that we all want.

♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥

  1. Kaz Brekker & Inej Ghafer Of Six Of Crows & Crooked Kingdom

We all knew they were going to top this list. With their blossoming relationship over the duology, the little quips and moments of closeness gave us the suspenseful relationship building Bardugo does best.

2. Matthew Clairmont & Diana Bishop Of The All Souls Trilogy
You could say these two are instalove, but the universe did match them together. Matthew’s slight obsessive (not in the worst way) devotion to Diana is vastly exacerbated by the circumstances within the story. But once the dust settles, they are in perfect blissful harmony together. Side note: What vampire isn’t possessive?

3. Prince Rhen and Harper Of A Curse So Dark And Lonely
This bitchy back and forth, 1 upping did not get old with these two as their love blossomed throughout the book, they were obviously made for each other. I have written a review for this, because AHHHH! So good, so fun just YES!

4. Karou & Akiva Of Daughter Of Smoke & Bone Trilogy
Starcrossed lovers indeed, and yet through all the stress and strain and pain these two go through they are strong and fierce and together unstoppable!

5. Westley & Buttercup Of The Princess Bride
Just the best romance story ever! Farm boy, pretty girl meet. Farm boy runs away to make fortune, pretty girl catches the eye of a prince. Prince wants to kill pretty girl, farm boy saves the day. The briefest of all nutshells for this book/movie. I swoon every time someone even mentions these two. They are perfect.

For our secret number 6. Franny & Jet Of The Rules Of Magic & Practical Magic

The Rules Of Magic is one of the saddest books I have ever yet, and yet the most beautiful book too. Emotionally tumultuous, but Franny & Jet are always there, the foundation of one another and cleaners of the mess. They are wonderful and broken and sad and joyful in each other’s company. If I didn’t have my husband, I’d want what Franny & Jet have.

Thank you again for coming to another Top 5, till next time bookworms, keep reading B)

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