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Blogmas 2018! Get To Know: Book Blogger @bookbugworld

Hello bookworms!

Welcome to my first blog of December and Blogmas! I know 15 days into the month and this is my first post but I have been partaking in the 12 Books Of Christmas with Narah Quinn and have been very active on Instagram 8)

I met Rejitha on Twitter after asking what Blogmas was/is, (I’m so new to book blogging, can you tell!?!?) and from there we decided to host each other on our blogs.

So without further ado, big love and thanks to a new book blogging friend, Rejitha of BookBugWorld.

We each sent each other 10 questions and then replied with our answers. I’m gonna take this moment again to thank Rejitha again for hosting and holding my hand through my first ever blogmas.

1. Where did you get the inspiration for your username?

When I was a kid people used to call me “bookworm” just to undermine my academic achievements. I used to take it as an insult but as I grew up I realised that I am indeed a bookworm (just not the academic kind). More like a bookbug devouring one and hopping off to the next. So it only seemed fair to call my world of books “Bookbugworld”.

2. What is your favourite bookish quote? (doesn’t have to be from a book)

“You don’t read, you don’t understand. You don’t know what it’s like to live in a different world, to travel on great adventures through the galaxy with people you know better than your own family, to live and die with them. These are my friends, my best friends in the world.” – Brick Heck, The Middle (TV series)

3. Do you have a favourite book? If so, do you collect different versions of it?

Funny you ask this because I am debating over whether or not buy a hardcover of one of my favourite Sophie Kinsella books. “Twenties Girl” to be exact. Sophie Kinsella books are my favourite. “I’ve Got Your Number” and “Twenties Girl” top that list. I am yet to start a collection but it can totally happen!!

4. Other than blogging and reading, what other hobbies do you have?

Binge watching!! I know… but it is so addicting. Can’t help. I love listening to music, especially A R Rahman songs. They are my favourite. Once in a blue moon, I actually sit down and learn to sing my favourite songs as well. I’m not sure if that counts as a hobby.

Yeah, basically music and binge watching.

5. Do you have any WIPs? If not, have you looked into writing a book?

I have written a few fanfictions based on an Indian TV series under a different pen name but I am not going to talk about it here. It is like my two worlds colliding or something. But writing a book is definitely on my cards. I have a notebook where I jot down my ideas, some plots, characters, scenes etc. I am trying to find a niche at the moment. I didn’t know and I’m still not sure if that is an important thing or not. But the struggle started ever since I decided to write something worth publishing. In short, yes I am trying to come up with a plot line for now.

6. How do you and you family/friends celebrate the holiday season?

We don’t have a winter season here in Kerala. But the whole place gets into the Christmas vibe by the first week of December. There are fairy lights, stars and Santa Claus everywhere you look. ,Occasionally we have friends or family visiting us around this time because it is vacation time for kids. At office we get to pick our own Christmas friend and in return get our own secret Santa. Then we have the young kids in the town who form a Christmas Carol group and go every door singing songs (which are mostly religious lyrics in some popular songs that we have in our movies!!) It is fun watching kids dressed up as Santa, the Wise King, Angels and baby Jesus himself. And when they leave they give us orange candies. The whole month is festive as if we are bidding farewell to the year in a warm way.

7. Do you have any traditions for the season?

At home, we don’t celebrate Christmas in a religious way because we belong to a different faith but we do have our very own Christmas traditions. Plum cakes and homemade wine is basically our Christmas tradition. Gifting plum cakes to friends and family is the most common tradition we have around here during holidays. I would like to add the wine to go with it. Then we all sit and watch Christmas movie which is overloaded in every TV channel. I know it doesn’t sound fun but it actually is!

8. What is your favourite Disney/animated movie?

Frozen!! I just can’t “let that movie go”. I have a strong bond with my sister and that movie has always been close to heart for the same reason. Besides, I love winter particularly because I haven’t had that much winter experience.

9. What book/book series do you recommend to everyone?

One book that I would recommend everyone to read will be “Flipped” by Wandelin Van Draanen. This is a middle-grade book but I think it resonates with people of all ages.

10. Do you have any auto buy authors?

Sophie Kinsella. I don’t wait for the reviews or buzz. If I come to know that her book is out I will probably buy it. The next book will be out on February and I’ve already marked it on my Amazon wishlist.

Again, again and again, thank you so much Rejitha for answering the above, I love all your answers and I will definitely be checking out Sophie Kinsella and Flipped by Wandelin Van Daanen. Wishing you a wonderful season and I am hungry for plum cake now!

Please check out the wonderful Rejitha of BookBugWorld I love her website so much!

I will hopefully have another blog before Christmas! Speak soon bookworms 8)

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