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Reading Wrap Up: November 2018

Hello Bookworms!

How is your prep for the holiday season? I am so behind it all, only half my presents bought, NONE of them wrapped, but for all of December on the even days of the month, myself and my book loving friend will be giving each other a book from the pre-determined categories in my 12 Books Of Christmas post! But for now, as I had a relatively good reading month. I thought I would do a Reading Wrap Up post.

Books I read in November: 5/6ish…kinda…

At the beginning of November I had just started reading The Lanterns Ember by Colleen Houck. I actually wrote a review! (This is missing from the featured image at the top because I have lent it to someone! Spreading the joy!)

After finishing the perfect fall read, I read Heart Of Iron by Ashley Poston! And AHHHHHHHHHHHH! FIREFLY MEETS ANASTACIA! LIKE OMGOSH! (I promise this is happy screaming) From the first chapter, I was hooked, this was an excellent, wonderfully written, heartbreaking, gosh-darn-it most awesome damn Sci-fi read of my year! I loved it, I loved it, I’ve already pre-ordered Soul Of Stars, I loved it!

I finished Heart Of Iron whilst travelling to Lanzorote for a family vacation/holiday! I then started Garrison Girl by Rachel Aaron. I enjoyed this, Attack On Titan is one of my favourite animes and is currently on its third season and is having a break right now. It was a simple, YA romance with some of the events from the original first and second season happening around the 2 main characters, Rosalie and Jax, Rosalie is from a rich family, Jax was a farmer before the titans breached the outer walls and it follows Rosalie working under Jax in the Garrison Corps. I just found it comfy and fun, it was nice to revisit the AOT world whilst it’s on hiatus!

I’m really disappointed in this book. I admit, I bought it purely for the cover, but I had to DNF at 58%! There were plot holes and I kept getting lost in the writing style as it was so unemotional, the premise was there but the finished product just left me feeling… bored. Please go check this out for yourself as this is my opinion only 🤓

I then moved on to finish Vol. 1 of Black Butler, this is the first manga I ever bought in January 2017 in Tokyo! I’ve been saving it and reading it here and there and finally finished it just after my holiday.

Next I started a book from my book challenge, I only have 2 left to complete and after reading a scathing review of Everless (and another of Caraval on Goodreads) and letting you guys decide on Instagram what I should read. I read Everless. And. It wasn’t horrendous. It wasn’t great. But it wasn’t bad. I love the concept, but the main character Jules, was very single minded and I couldn’t relate to her. Other characters brought some depth but the storytelling stunted whatever interest they sparked. If I was to rate it out of 5, it would be 2. I may pick up the next instalment of this series but I don’t think the concept will stay with me long enough.

And that’s it for this month! I will be finishing off my reading challenge in December and then I will have 10 new books to read all before Christmas day! Keep your eyes out for my Instagram stories to see more about the 12 books of Christmas.

Till next time, keep reading 🤓

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