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Top 5: Albums/Artists To Listen To Whilst Reading

Following the inspiration from Bionic Book Worm, I want to try and keep up with her awesomeness and attempt a Top 5: Tuesday! You can find her wonderful blog


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I understand some people are not a fan of listening whilst reading but I have always been a unfocused reader in busy environments. And I have always loved classical and instrumental music, whilst reading I love how music can enhance my reading experience. A crescendo whilst a battle is ongoing or the cadenza of a violin as lovers embrace for the first time. So I thought my first Top 5 should be about my favourite Albums and Artists to listen to whilst I’m reading.

1. Lindsey Stirling.

I adore everything Lindsey does, whether its a collab or a singular piece, I am yet to find a track I don’t like. I like to listen to Lindsey’s albums for all sorts of books, my personal favourite album of hers is her Shatter Me but I couldn’t pick a favourite track, I originally discovered her when I was reading Six Of Crows.

2. A Night In Strings by Eklipse.

I am a huge fan of violins, cellos and bass, I love this album as each song, though a cover changes the original structure so much it sounds like one of their own. My favourite track off of this album is Cloudbursting.

3. Any Assassins Creed Score cover or original music.

I have played several of the Assassins Creed game and loved them all, and each of the soundtracks for each one are as unique as the settings of each, individual game. There are many covers of the Assassins Creed score but my personal favourite and the one on my reading playlist is the original Assassins Creed Theme by Lorna Balfe from the Assassins Creed Revelations game.

4. Ludovic Einaudi

My favourite track of Ludovic Einaudi is Petricor, but all of his work has a signature that relaxes my very core. He brings piano and violin together beautifully, a wonderful accompaniment to any book, there are enough tracks to find your preferred mix.

5. 2Cellos

A duo, very similar to Eklipse, my favourite track of theirs is Hysteria, which is a Muse cover, the rest of their album Celloverse is filled with hits that have had the 2Cellos treatment and I love how cellos bring out the severity in any song cover, I loved listening to Hysteria whilst reading any of the A Court Of books as they are all so overly dramatic, just like this song.

Bonus 6. Charms by Abel Korzeniowski

I have a bonus track for this Top 5, as I love this track when I am mid read in a deeply romantic moment. This song became most prominent with me whilst I was reading Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor, the love story wrapped up in this trilogy is both beautiful and haunting and Charms accentuated it perfectly.

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