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12 Books Of Christmas Gift Giving Idea

I know no one should mention the dreaded holiday of Christmas this early in the year, but it is August and I really want to see if this is something you lovelies’ would be interested in…12 days of book giving for the holidays!

I have mentioned her more than once, but I truly believe I would not have this blog without her, my companion on most of my book journeys and personal library if I want Narah Quinn and I created this idea.

We decided this year instead of giving Christmas presents on Christmas day we would extend the Icelandic tradition of exchanging books on Christmas Eve (and spending the day reading that book) to giving each other 12 books – for the 12 days of Christmas. Now both of us normally work Christmas eve so I doubt we will ever be able to read on a Christmas Eve (all day), so instead we are going to be giving each other 12 books leading up to Christmas and the last one to be given on Christmas Eve! (We may also be starting this on Christmas Eve…let us know what you think below.)

Anyway, the guidelines for this is book giving are below;

  • We spoke together and decided the below categories of each book. (obviously if you take on this idea too you can tailor it to what you want)
  • We decided 12 as we believed (1) We would be able to read them all next year and (2) they could correlate with our designed Book Challenge (blog coming soon)
  • You can obtain/buy the books new or used, online or in charity/goodwill shops.
  • I have left the last category free and open if you would like (it’s also because we decided to buy each other a book from Young Adult Literature Convention in London and that was last month!)

So here ya go, I will keep you guys updated with when we do the giving but the below are the categories and order they will be given in!

  1. Psychological Thriller
  2. Wreck It Journal
  3. A book that was released in 2018
  4. A book from a charity/goodwill shop (specifically)
  5. A colouring or puzzle book
  6. A book based in a place you’ve visited this year
  7. 1st book from a new trilogy (released no more than 12 months ago ideally)
  8. A book from your own bookshelf you are willing to part with
  9. A book by an author the other introduced you to
  10. A Classic with a pretty cover
  11. Historical Fiction
  12. Free Category!!!!

Whilst obtaining these books, I have been adding little notes inside (on separate, removable pieces of paper) with reasons why I chose it, the number the book correlates to and if it is part of the Book Challenge 2019 (as we created that together also)

If you do choose to do this with a close friend/family member if you announce it anywhere, please let me know on my usual social media handles.

T: @bythe100thpage

I: @bythe100thpage


Happy reading Bookworms! 🤓

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