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No New Books In May Challenge! 😨

I have mentioned this on Instagram and all over Twitter, but yes, it is true, NO NEW BOOKS IN MAY!

I have challenged myself like this for several reasons.

  • I am going to Young Adult Literature Convention in London this July and I need to save money as just from glancing at some of YALCS authors and book availability… I’m gonna need to win the lotto!
  • Looking through my finances there has not been a month in around 2 years that I have not bought a book. Whether it be for me, my husband or my friend (who’s library is always open to me) I’ve bought a book every month.
  • I will not cancel my Fairyloot for this challenge as I am stopping myself from buying books I want. I don’t know what I am to receive in my Fairyloot therefore it’s ok to spend £35 a month on a mystery book subscription box! That’s my logic and I’m sticking with it!

So there we go, May payday will turn into savings, June payday will turn into savings and July will become disposable book money at YALC!

Edinburgh post is on the way! But as my laptop crashed on me, I need to fire up the old pc!

Speak soon Bookworms! 🤓

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