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What is a TBR? & Book Challenge of 2018

I’m not the biggest believer in having a set in stone TBR, in fact in the 3 months I have taken to write this up I have changed my TBR multiple times, any number of factors can change your reading preference day to day, month to month.

For those bookwormers new to the idea of a TBR (To Be Read list) it is a list of books you wish to read, hence the quote, “I was born with a TBR I will never finish”. It’s true. And sometimes terrifying, how long and large they can be, but they can also a good guide for what we should/want to read next, I have an “anchor book”, an author/book I can always count on to stop the over crowded feeling of my TBR. (Good Omens by Neil Gaiman, or anything by him tbh, some of the collection below)

The collection of NG

You can create a TBR as simply as putting a stack of books on your nightstand in a general order of which one is next on the list to be read. Or like me you can create one out of books you have already read but would like to revisit or brand new ones you acquired in a subscription box, (I subscribe to a wonderful YA book subscription called Fairyloot, lotta love for them blog post is here) or maybe you create one out of of books you were lucky enough to gain via friends overflowing bookshelves.


My personal TBR is a combination of different lists.

  • I have a pile on the nightstand which are the ones that are most likely going to be read next, however this gets changed on the daily/weekly dependent on a hundred different factors.




  • I have a pile of books from the Fairyloots I have had over the last year and obviously I want to read these also, plus as my neighbour also receives Fairyloot we like to read the releases we receive together. (One of the factors mentioned above) Below photo shows all my Fairyloots yet to be read!




  • I buy books on the monthly from my personal wish list as I want to grow my collection of books again, so my TBR is altered all the time for another release, a Fairyloot exclusive or just when my pre-orders arrive (as of this blogs post date I have only pre-ordered 3)!


I have also decided to attempt a book challenge this year! My friend and I are attempting this challenge together, and we have added a few extra rules.

Very Unrestricted Rules Of The Book Challenge 2018

  1. No doubling up on challenges with books (for example, The Cruel Prince was published this year, however it was also the first Holly Black I have read so it could be for both challenges but the rule is no doubling up!)
  1. No loop holes! Ex. A book hat was made into a MOVIE, not TV series! No searching and finding a book you want then adding it to A Book You Pick Because Of The Cover (there is more on this below).
  1. Any challenges not completed, means 2 books to be read in that category in 2019.


We are tough but fair. 8)


(The challenges of previous years were just to get back into reading which has obviously worked!)


So the book challenge of 2018 looks like this;


(Bold – Read)

(Not Bold – Not Read)


A Book That Was Made Into A Movie

Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve (Becoming a Movie December 2018)

Hi Dark Materials (all 3) by Philip Pullman (Movie was called The Golden Compass)


A Book You Pick Because Of The Cover 

Yet to buy!


A Book By An Author You’ve Never Read

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black (review on the way!)


A Book By An Author You Love 

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

Muse Of Nightmares by Laini Taylor (Yet to be released, but pre-ordered)


A Book Published This Year

Furyborn by Claire Legrand (LOVED received an ARC in Fairyloot) Release date May 2018


A Book Based On A True Story

The Axemans Jazz by Ray Celestin


A Book You Have Heard Is Terrible 



A Classic 

Anything by Edgar Allan Poe

Dracula by Bram Stoker


A Book Over 500 Pages

A Court Of Mist & Fury by Sarah. J. Maas

Times Convert by Deborah Harkness (release date late 2018)


A Book Someone Else Recommended

A Vision Of Fire by Gillian Anderson (enjoyed) 


A Book At The Bottom Of The Reading List

Hekla’s Revenge by James Brogden


A Book You Can Read In A Day

Black Butler Manga

Neil Gaiman Short Stories

I will have a separate blog post for the above list and there I will update it with my progress, the above will stay the same!


The biggest challenges from the above list are;


A Book You Can Read In A Day – don’t get me wrong, I love to read and if I am doing any other task I am thinking about and looking forward to the next time I can pick up a book, however I not a fast reader and if I know there is something I should be doing for example chores, paperwork, socializing (eww) etc I won’t be able to fully concentrate on reading, so I take my time with books and I believe enjoy them far more, however if I could get paid to read, well, that’s the dream ain’t it? Hence for this challenge I have picked obviously shorter/easier books but with a beach holiday at the end of the year and a kindle stocked to bursting… I might be able to manage reading a whole novel in 24 hours!


A Book At The Bottom Of The Reading List – this is a tough one, as with an extensive, interchanging TBR there are a few books that keep finding themselves at the bottom of the list, however the one I have picked, and will attempt to keep there until it is read, is Hekla’s Revenge by James Brogden, the reason I have picked this book is because I met James at Birmingham Comic Con 2017 and he was so lovely and genuine, everytime I pick up a book that isn’t his makes me feel guilty! So, it and he is on the list.


A Book You Have Heard Is Terrible  nothing makes me sadder than getting to the 100th page of a book and not ‘feeling it’. I have only read a few disappointing books but I am looking for shiny new homes for them, with that being said, I feel life is too short for 3 things; 1. Drinking overly expensive wine, 2. Listening to people who don’t listen back, and 3. Reading disappointing books! However, after watching a close friend write their first book and the struggles and pain they went through I have an inordinate amount of respect for authors who have created worlds, characters and stories for it all to get published, sold, read and then torn apart! Hence I will never write a bad review, just find another bright shiny home for a book that deserves love! So I will be looking for suggestions for this challenge, as this is the one I may have to do next year twice!


A Book You Pick Because Of The Cover  I do not do this. EVER. EVERI don’t know how, it was drilled into me as a kid to NOT do this, metaphor or not. So with the above rules and promises to each other, my friend and I will be going to bookshops across the country soon and will be looking for a book just for the cover.

Apologies for the super-long post! Very grateful to all the bookwormers who made it to the end of this one. I am enjoying this blog and speaking to you all on Instagram and on here! Never be afraid to contact me, especially with terrible book suggestions 8)

5 thoughts on “What is a TBR? & Book Challenge of 2018

  1. *Rushes to goodreads to find books I gave one star* Twilight is terrible. Sense and Sensibility by Joanna Trollope is terrible, so is Death comes to Pemberley by P.D. James (These last two are both such a shame because those women CAN really write).

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  2. I also change my TBR priority fairly often. It just depends on my mood, time, and what day it has been for me!

    Better read something I like rather than force myself to read something I’m not in the mood for 😓

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