Book Related Adventures

London Town, Aladdin and Word On The Water

Near the House of Illustration and a 9 minute walk from the nearest tube station (Kings Cross St Pancras underground), the floating bookshop made me feel like I was stepping into Narnia. I’m not a city girl and once upon a time I did love London however I prefer smaller, politer cities more North then anywhere (Manchester, Edinburgh, York) now. But London was the location of my birthday surprise, going to see Aladdin in the theatre!


Aladdin was great fun, a few technical difficulties, a very loud American behind us (who apparently was very easily amused), and no sign of Abu, but an amazing show! After seeing the previous 2 theatre productions by Disney, Beauty And The Beast and The Lion King, Aladdin was always on the knifes edge of being a panto and almost felt unfinished however still a great effort by the Disney Theatre Production team.


We went with Mileageplus Exclusives who hosted pre & post show talks with cast and crew (who I genuinely felt sorry for after a matinee and an evening show, then having to talk to us! I felt their tiredness after 5 minutes of questions) and we got goody bags! Including a very comfy fleeced sweatshirt, a collectible of the Genie’s lamp, the programmes from Aladdin, a multi-functional pocket plug for USBs, and compactable storage bags (all pictured below except the fidget spinner!). I got an XL sweatshirt so both me and my husband could share but also for the comfortability too (wearing as I edit this).



We had spent nearly 2 hours rolling around a Waterstones already and with my dwindling funds I was unable to buy anything from Word On The Water because I bought another beautiful Neil Gaiman book, Neverwhere, which I have never read/seen before. Apparently Neverwhere started as a BBC screenplay and everytime something was removed from the TV series, Neil would add it to the novel! I’m super excited to start reading it and I am sure there will be plenty of photos for Instagram at some point soon as the illustrations (by Chris Riddell) are awesome!



Word On The Water is a canal boat, filled with books to be bought at fair and reasonable prices, not just second hand nor old, antique books, some new releases, quite a few classics, a child’s section (with a log burner) and a poetry corner. Sultry music on a record player fills the air and the slight motion sickness is worth it to see the quirky beauty that is so out of place in London. However not out of place for where the barge is situated. King’s Cross is a hipster hub, with a quaint market behind the House of Illustration, filled with vegan food, organic wine, art (obviously) and a Waitrose (also, obviously).


I could happily live on that barge, with the smell of the log burner, books everywhere, and the gentle rocking of the boat. Whilst there I honestly felt a pull of peace and tranquility but when a country girl finds something that reminds her of home, she will find peace, right?







Word On The Water.png


Directions below to Word On The Water. (with an added stop I know you bookworms will love!)  King’s Cross St Pancras Underground has Circle Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan, Northern, Piccadilly and Victoria lines, so you can arrive from pretty much any and all directions.

Directions to Word On The Water.png

As promised, I have a few other adventures this year, Edinburgh in 2 weeks and London/Oxford in July! Any suggestions, requests or ideas are always wonderfully welcomed.


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