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So Much Fairyloot Love!

This is not a sponsored post, just a massive amount of love for Anissa, Michael and the team @Fairyloot.

I genuinely don’t believe this blog would be here if I hadn’t found Fairyloot. My husband can vouch for the number of hours I spent looking for a subscription box and since I signed up to Fairyloot, over a year ago, I have not looked back.


Fairyloot is a monthly subscription box for YA readers that has introduced me a whole new selection of authors and genres within YA and includes extra goodies which are always so perfect!

I’ve received homemade body lotions and soaps from Geeky Clean, jewellery, cushion covers, beautiful art work and much, much more. The extras alone are reason enough to subscribe.

I am, always, instantly happier when I receive my Fairyloot, it brightens up whatever kind of week I have had. I am yet to be disappointed and I don’t think it’ll ever happen!

Always included is a new release hardback book (protected by Fairyloot’s own book bag), a bookmark sporting artwork from that months theme created by Taratjah, (wonderful talent, beautiful artwork, love my bookmarks so much, pictured below).

20180402_122336 (1).jpg

Normally there is a signed bookplate or the book itself is signed and you’ll find a letter from the author along with 5-8 extra items, which could be anything from jewellery to candles. On 2 separate occasions, there have been 2 books inside the box, including an ARC (Furyborn by Claire Legrand – Freaking Amazing) and often the books have Fairyloot exclusive covers.

Most of the products received are book related, with this in mind, I received a necklace from OhPandaEyes relating to ACOT&R series, which had been on my TBB (to be bought) list forever and because I now had this beautiful necklace, I had to read them sooner rather than later! (I regret nothing). Another product I received was a Six Of Crows bookmark by the wonderful Lexy Olivia, I  bought the books that afternoon. A single quote made me a huge Leigh Bardugo fan!  Not only do you receive a book but also other book suggestions in the products sent!

Customer service wise, they are incredible! I have spoken to them on numerous occasions. Once my box had been damaged in transit, I queried the couriers cryptic update directly with Fairyloot and received a no quibble replacement in less than 2 weeks, via a different courier. I was kept in the loop by the Fairyloot team while they looked into it and sent another tracking email to keep an eye on my replacement package. Chatty, cheerful and quick to respond, it’s just one more reason to subscribe.

Previous releases have included;

The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert

The Cruel King by Holly Black  (Book review on the way)

Everless by Sara Holland and many, many others.

I do not see myself leaving Fairyloot for a long time. I still have unbridled joy from every Fairyloot that comes to my door and now my friend subscribes too, it’s double!

Keep up the good work guys! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of this year!


Scary Tower of Fairyloot Boxes & Books Photo Credits

Photo – Me!

The Hinterlands candle – Wick & Fable

Rhysand Magnetic Boookmark – Dreamy & Co

Prince Cardan Candle – Meraki Candles

Dragon Magnetic Bookmark – Bonitismo

Goblet Of Fire Candle – Paper Flames Candle Co

Dragonscale Scarf – GivArt


Bookmark Photo Credits

Wooden Bookmarks – One Ring To Rule Them All & Wolves May Lurk In Every Guise by Ink & Wonder

Cross Stitched Unicorns & No Mourners, No Funerals – Me!

Magnetic Arwen & Aragorn – Paperly&Co

All other bookmarks by @taratjah and come with all Fairyloots!


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