Hi, I’m Roo and this is how I review books.

Hi, so I love to read have done since I could read, I have always preferred books over toys and libraries over the outside world.

My favourite genre has always been fantasy, in every sense of the word. Dragons, vampires, talking dogs, you name it I love it! I have wanted to start a blog about books I’ve read as I’m a lover of the acknowledgments page within every book I read and I feel this is a way I can speak to the author and others.

So I have made some ground rules/ a guide for my blog.

  • If I did not enjoy a book at all and I have nothing nice to say about it I wont. This won’t stop me from criticising when necessary but will stop me from being overly negative.
  • This will only be about books I have read in 2018. Even though I read a shed ton of books in 2017 and partially rated them this blog is about moving forward so only books read in 2018 will be reviewed.
  • This is my first blog and first time reviewing so please any advice and criticism is welcome  (in small friendly doses, please)
  • This may not just be reviews. As I write these guidelines, I realise I am going to several wonderful places in the world that will have some kind of book theme, for example Young Adult Literature Con, London, Oxford and Edinburgh (to name a few) so I may write about those trips also.

I may come back and revisit the above but for now, it’ll do.
Nice to meet ya, 1st review is on the way.

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